REAO'S Project Beneficiaries

The beneficiaries from REAO’s projects include;

  • Schools community – Gs Masaka, Gs, Kicukiro, Gs Gahanga 1, Gs, Remera Protestant Giporoso, St. Vincent Apalloite Gikondo from Kicukiro District in Kigali City.

Gs, Rubingo, Gs, Bumbogo, GS, Jabana, Gs, Gatunga and Gs, Kinyinya from Gasabo District in Kigali city.

Jill Braham, Apeduc, Gs Giheke, Gs Gihundwe, TTC, Mururu  From Rusizi District in Western province.

  • Local Communities around the above mentioned schools.
  • Local Communities  of Gatunda  , Karama and Mukama sectors in Nyagatare District.

The project of Improved Cooking Stoves in Nyagatare District, Beneficiaries are unemployed youth and young women who trained on production, installation and construction of Improved Cooking Stoves (ICS).