About Us

The “Rwanda Environment Awareness Organization” (REAO) is one of NGO’s in Rwanda that has been intervening in environmental awareness and nature conservation since its inception in 2011. Our objective is to champion environmental sustainability in Rwanda and the Great Lakes Region through education…

Welcome to Rwanda Environment Awareness Organization

Our Vision

The organization’s vision is a Rwandan society that upholds environment protection values, with a better living condition for all.

Our Mission

The mission of the organization is to promote and protect environment, reduce poverty among youth and women through capacity building activities.

Our Goal

  1. Promote and protect environment through capacity building trainings and public dialogue and campaigns on importance of environment.
  2. Provide environmental protection capacity building trainings in primary, secondary and tertiary schools.
  3. Fight against poverty among youth and women through promotion of employable activities and dissemination of information about the existing opportunities meant to alleviate poverty in Rwanda.
  4. Advocate on programs meant to promote and protect environment, fight against poverty among women and youth and enhance gender equality principles.