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Environmental Awareness Youth Training

Environmental Awareness Youth Training


U Rwanda rwiteze kungukira mu nama ku bidukikije ...

Minisitiri w’Ibidukikije, Dr Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya, avuga ko u Rwanda rwiteze kungukira byinshi mu nama mpuzamahanga

Australian Town Comes Up With A Genius Way Of ...

The city of Kwinana in Australia installed two drainage nets in Henley Reserve. Before these nets were installed,

Man Plants A Tree Every Day For 40 Years Now Has A ...

What used to be a landscape devastated by erosion is now 1,360 acres of forest and it’s all thanks to one Indian

Solar energy can now be stored for up to 18 years, ...

Solar-powered electronics are one step closer to becoming an everyday part of our lives thanks to a “radical” new

Human urine could be an effective and less ...

French researchers think they may have found a unique natural alternative to chemical fertilisers. Their discovery
R5 Sand extraction

Our use of sand brings us “up against the wall”, ...

Geneva, 26 April 2022 – 50 billion tons: enough to build a wall 27 metres wide and 27 metres high around planet

Protected areas don’t always benefit wildlife, ...

National parks and other protected areas have had mixed success in conserving wildlife, according to the largest ever
global-warming1 (1)

Ozone may be heating the planet more than we ...

Ozone may be weakening one of the Earth’s most important cooling mechanisms, making it a more significant

Deserts ‘breathe’ water vapor, study ...

Deserts may seem lifeless and inert, but they are very much alive. Sand dunes, in particular, grow and move — and

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